Jobs in Healthcare Industry On Top Best Jobs List For Millennials


Unlike their parents’ generation, millennials often face tougher challenges when it comes time to launch their career in today’s post-recession economy. Why the divide? Well, for starters, many get trapped in service industries like retail and hospitality where wages tend to be lower than average. Secondly, the unemployment rate for millennials stays consistently higher than the national unemployment rate by about 2 percent. 

These disturbing stats prompted the advocacy group Young Invincibles to research the jobs that give millennials the best opportunity to thrive and make a good salary. Jobs in healthcare took up three slots on the report’s top 10 list. Jobs that made the list were analyzed by three main criteria: 

  • Projected occupation growth by 2022
  • Median wage
  • Number of millennials in the field

Physician assistants earned the number one spot on the list. With a median salary of $90,930 and anticipated growth of 38 percent by 2022, it is easy to see why millennials make up 45 percent of all physician assistants in the country. 

Other healthcare positions that made the list include therapists and dental hygienists. Therapists make a median income of $70,000 per year and millennials make up 37 percent of all therapists working in the country. Dental hygienists also earn a great living with a median income of $70,210. Millennials make up 37 percent of all the nation’s dental hygienists.
To see which other occupations made the top 25 list, read the Young Invincibles’ full report here.

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