Millennials Blazing Their Own Path into Healthcare Careers


If you’re considering making a switch to a career in the healthcare field, but find yourself hesitating because you didn’t take the traditional route, you will be pleased to learn that many millennials are taking the road less traveled to arrive at their destination.

According to a recent Fierce Healthcare article, millennials are flocking to healthcare after pursuing careers in completely different fields. Some are even discovering a passion for healthcare after pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. 

Take for instance Niko Kurtzman, a fourth-year student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. His undergraduate degree was in economics and computer science–not the traditional biological sciences that most med school-bound students pursue. He also did not go straight to medical school after graduating from undergraduate. Instead, he worked for two different startup companies. 

Kurtzman says he plans to blend his two passions: emergency medicine and tech entrepreneurship. By working part time as an emergency physician and spending the rest of his time testing new technologies in hospitals, he is building a new model for a rewarding career that blends two completely different areas together.

“My generation has a different mindset from 20 years ago,” he said.

Now that millennials represent the largest generation in the workforce and are taking leadership roles in healthcare, you can expect to see more non-traditional pathways to medicine than ever before.

To learn more, read the entire Fierce Healthcare article here.

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