Younger and Older Millennials Thrive in Growing Healthcare Industry

Switching occupations can be just as scary of a proposition for older millennials as launching a new career is for younger millennials. Afterall, despite being the largest and most educated generation in America, reports show that millennials struggle to find good-paying jobs and have an unemployment rate that is nearly three times higher than the the rest of the population. There is one industry, however, where all millennials are thriving and it’s worth giving serious consideration if you are a younger millennial looking to launch a career or an older millennial considering a career change.

Judging by the title of this article, you’ve already guessed that the industry is healthcare. But, do you know why millennials are enjoying such success in health careers? According to a recent Young Invincibles report, “Health care is the only sector out of the top five most popular sectors to pay millennials a higher median wage than 10 years ago – $30,000 per year for older millennials. It is already the most popular sector for older millennials in 16 states, and is expected to continue growing.”

This phenomenon is due in large part to retiring Baby Boomers leaving a host of healthcare jobs open for eager millennials to fill. Those same aging Baby Boomers are also accessing their medical benefits more often, creating a greater demand for healthcare services. 

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